Pressured Water Cooling HDPE/PP/PVC DWC Pipe Extrusion Line

HDPE Corrugated Pipes are used in sewerage projects in industrial waste transport in storm water drainage and in transport of the drainage waters.

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B- Spiral Corrugated Pipes – Steel Reinforced Corrugated Pipes: Spiral Corrugated Pipes – Steel Reinforced Corrugated Pipe is produced by HDPE raw materials and usually known as larger diameters (diameters of 500 mm and above) are preferred for. In the welding of Corrugated Spiral Pipes combined by electrofusion coupler method therefore once assembled with tightness level reached a maximum and doesn’t disperse on. Spiral Corrugated Pipes – Steel Reinforced Corrugated Pipe are using even if the terrain is gravelly which will be laid is prevent fracture due to the resiliency. The lenghts are usually produced as 6 meters and 7 meters of Spiral Corrugated Pipes – Steel Reinforced Corrugated Pipe. However, in order to provide advantages in transportation costs in the local shipments 14 meters and produced 13.5 meters for abroad and the vehicles are loaded with the maximum volume for take optimum loadings.Steel Reinforced Corrugated Pipes are mainly used in: ● Drainage pipeline. ● Big airports underground infrastructure projects. ● Sub-railway passage projects. ● Stadium sewage network projects. ● Big irrigation pipeline projects. ● City sewage network projects. ● Storm water discharge projects. ● Discharge of underground water projects to produce big manholes.
Jweir s newly developed horizontal double-wall corrugated production line 0 a second-generation horizontal pressure water cooling production line, which is independently developed on the basis of domestic and international advanced technologies. It has more than ten nvention patents. ● There are a variety of types of extruders to choose. Mich can achieve the production of various HDPE. PP pipe, also can meet the production demand of single-wall corrugated pipe. ● Sizing sleev ide of aluminum aloy. and the surlace is wear-resistant. The tube waveform can be calculated by special software program, and the ring stiffness can be obtained at the same weight. ● The sliding base of forming machine is geared and equipped with large size needle roller bearing. which improves the bearing capacity of the sliding base. More stable operation, longer life. ● Production line is fixed center height, and there is no need to adjust again when changing model; ● Common production line modules with dittecent specification, Quick unloading module design makes module loading and unloading convenient and fast The unique internal module cooling design enables the cooling water to flow rapidly, internal module realizes the rapid cooling and shaping of pipes The main drive is driven by a two-speed motoc. wNch can realize stable and accurate operation. ● Using advanced PLC and color LCD control system, which can be adjusted by single machine. linkage of all lines, simple operation, stable and reliable production, high degree of automation, automatic fault alarm. ● In addition to single screw extruder, tapered twin screw extruder and parallel twin screw extruder can be used in this production line. All three kinds of extruders are produced by JWELL. with precise electronic control, good plasticizing and stable operation. Mich can meet the needs of different customecs.
Type Pipe Size Speed Total Power Product Line length and width
JWBW-150 ID40-150 Max15 270 28x4.5
JWBW-300 ID100-300 Max75 340 30x6
JWBW-600 ID100-600 Max55 490 34x6
JWBW-800 ID200-800 Max4 2 615 38x8
JWBW-1000 ID300-1000 Max38 795 38x8.5
JWBW-1200 ID400-1200 Max2 890 38x9
JWBW-1500 ID600-1500 Maxi 2 1110 42x95

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